Forgetting to Remember

I ran across a phrase in my A Course In Miracles book that I am savoring (I’m barely on page 100 after three years…this is definitely not to be rushed!) and it said, “…you forget in order to remember better.”  I found this most intriguing. I actually got quite excited because the ramifications of this could be quite lovely! For instance, I recently was listening to Brene Brown’s Power of Vulnerability audio and one of the proclamations she made was “…you have to understand, worthiness is our birthright.”  So I put these two together. I forgot that worthiness was my birthright (I have lapses occasionally), and being reminded by her very kind voice spoke to my heart directly and, TA DA!  I remembered better!  As if it took better this time.  I got to say to myself “Self, did you hear that? Wallpaper-nature-landscape-waterfall-water-bridgeThat is a nudge from Source/God/Universe saying HELLLLLOOOOOO, you are ever so worthy!”  And it was yummy.It’s like I was automatically forgiven for forgetting and the icing on top was that it’s more true than ever!  So I wonder what else you or I have forgotten lately  about ourselves that might be great to remember again….and remember better????  Try it on…see what comes up in the next few moments or days……..

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