The work around vulnerability is truly a gold mine of opportunities.  I love the topic, and I love making this real for people through speaking about it and sharing some of  the implications around living into our relationships with vulnerability, authenticity and shame.

I’m amazingly passionate when speaking about this material and enjoy speaking at venues of all sizes, from keynote speaking to service organization meetings.  A taste of the topics includes: Creating Shame-Resilient Cultures at Work,” “Dancing with Discomfort,” “The Tyranny of Perfectionism,” and “Vulnerability as Strength.”  Contact me below and I can give you a quote for the presentation and let you know about my availability.

The Tyranny of Imperfection: Loving Who You are Where You Are  
“Let’s Get Real!” 

This is my second talk in the series about  “getting real” and will engage us in an exploration of our relationship to perfectionism and it’s sibling, imperfection.   Allow yourself some time to delve into intriguing and revealing issues such as:

  • What, if any, relationship is there between shame and perfectionism?
  • What is the difference between healthy striving and self-improvement?
  • How can we overcome our perfectionism?
  • What role does self-compassion have in THIS place?

These are just a few of the topics that will be covered in another interactive presentation where you will be invited to not only mine for the gold in this often uncomfortable and therefore rich place but also receive some tools for keeping your heart focused on your inherent perfection rather than an externally-focused “must be seen as” perfection.  Bring a friend and give yourself permission to investigate the gift of intentional conversation around living into what’s real by reserving a seat via my contact form.  No message required, simply affirm for yourself in the subject line: “RSVP.”  “Count me in!” also works!

Love offerings for the gifts you receive will be accepted.  Attendees will receive a discounted invitation to an upcoming workshop that will assist you in putting the vulnerability tools to work in your work, play and home scheduled in late Spring.

Click here to download the “Let’s Get Real!” Speaking Series, Part 2 flyer

Vulnerability as Strength: Find Out What Real Leaders Already Know
“Let’s Get Real!” Speaking Series, Part I

The cat is out of the bag.   The cat’s name is vulnerability and I’m here to show you that vulnerable is the new powerful.  I’ve experienced it and I invite you into the conversation around the possibility of this truth.  All too frequently, we humans shield ourselves from our brightness and core genius:  “Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”  Marianne Williamson said it; Nelson Mandela quoted it, Brene Brown locked it in with data.  Now you can live it: vulnerable AND powerful.; vulnerable AND real.

You are invited to listen, experience and get curious about this leadership power tool with Leadership and Life Coach Jennifer Hanlon, MPA, CPCC.  An advocate for leadership-from-the-inside-out, Jennifer has spent years studying how and where people get stuck in their lives and, most recently, how vulnerability plays a role in our leadership at work, at home or in community.  This talk is the first in a series called Let’s Get Real: Transformative Tools for a New World.  During this introductory engagement you will:

  • Learn the meaning of empowered vulnerability;
  • Understand the power of your hidden gifts;
  • Begin to make the connection between vulnerability, authenticity and what is real;
  • Learn how to thrive in the unknown;
  • Walk away with a better understanding of how vulnerability works as a power tool in your life.

Through her experiences in coaching, consulting, parenting and living her own vulnerable life, Jennifer will re-acquaint and recalibrate your relationship with vulnerability.  As a participant, you will be invited to offer your insights on where you see more potential for vulnerability awareness.  Additionally, you will receive a free gift to take with you on your individual journey to get or stay more authentic and real.


Click here to download the “Let’s Get Real!” Speaking Series, Part I flyer