bowline knotPartnering Opportunities “In the Arena” of Vulnerable Leadership Training

I’m really excited to announce that I’ve begun to develop workshops, retreats and intensive immersion experiences for leaders who are interested in deepening their impact in their work and personal relationships . My specific leadership emphasis is aimed at empowering leaders through my Audacious Vulnerable Leader (AVL) training. This work necessitates co-active leadership and I am currently looking for people to team up with me to help refine and deliver these workshops, retreats and intensives. I am envisioning having 3-4 different co-creators deliver the material with me in the U.S./Canada, Europe and Dubai. I absolutely want to be working with co-creators who are excited by the possibilities and implications that empowered, vulnerable leadership can offer. Our mission is simple: Bringing embodied vulnerable leadership into all sectors of our society.

Background: The ideal candidates will have a passion for pushing new frontiers around the edges of the inner game of leadership; some exposure to leadership training a plus; presentation skills and comfort in front of groups; a love of shared and servant-leadership. Experience in two of these also a plus: organizational development, training and facilitation, social change, change management, coaching, private, public and non-profit management or administration, entrepreneurial business development, theater.

My ideal co-creative partners will exude the following traits:
• Open
• Focused
• Risk taker
• High spring back factor
• Enthusiastic
• Pragmatic
• Communicates directly
• Emotionally responsible
• Fun loving, playful
• Organized yet not compulsively so
• Reflective
• Collaborative
• Truth seeker and speaker
• Fierce and loving
• Balances big picture and details
• Flexible
• Honors self and others
• Values integrity and authenticity
• Willing to play in the territory of vulnerability and shame resilience
• Generative
• Creative
If this is of interest to you, please contact me and put “Audacious Vulnerable Leader.” in the subject line. I completely trust that you know who you are and whether this is of interest to you, so now, let me know!