About Vulnerable Leader

Welcome to my web page, or as I like to call it, my “vulnerability playground!”  If this is your first visit, tool around the place and check out who I am, what I am passionate about and what I am up to lately!

There’s at least one category to cover each of those curiosities and many more!  I would like to share with you that I’d love your visit here to be a delightful if not intriguing experience for you.  There are millions of us out there in the world and you landed here today so feel free to take in a word, a photograph or a blog post.  Or, take a look at where I am speaking next or what workshop I have up my sleeve.  Better yet, look at where I am spending my energy and see if there is something you’d like to have created for you or some facet of your work or play life and let’s co-create something new!!!

No matter what else you do, please leave a note or comment about your visit because you have tons to do with why I’m here!!!!  Enjoy!


What’s Brewing? As of February 2013, I am kicking off a journey into one of the biggest of my unknowns yet: spreading the gifts and challenges available to us all through our vulnerability.  The effects of creating a gentle and loving relationship with my own vulnerability, an ongoing process,  has provided me with a ton of excitement and enthusiasm, so much so that I can’t contain myself!!!

So yes, in the most global sense I am creating a virtual “vulnerability playground” for people to visit and see what “equipment” they want to play on.  At this very moment in time I am starting out here doing some blogging on this very juicy topic and simultaneously offering talks out in the San Francisco Bay area where I make my home.

I’m also providing various “vulnerability gyms,” a group coaching program conducted over the phone, and, an on-site group coaching/training program called the Vulnerability Gym Wellness Program.”  And of course, for those of you who love that harder-core, pun intended, training program setting, I am taking a small handful of one-on-one clients to do “deep tissue” work (and play) around personal empowerment/leadership through vulnerability.  One concept and a myriad of mind-body-and spirit blowing possibilities!    So enjoy yourself here….take a breath and see if anything lands or speaks to your gut around this whole territory of vulnerability.  You’ll know best if it’s a fit.

Meet Up Group

I have started a Meet Up Group for people in my immediate geographical area (Silicon Valley) who are interested in meeting to discuss Brene Brown’s work on vulnerability, shame resilience and related topics.  From there, we can talk about creating anything we want to infiltrate this work into our work, schools, families and relationships.  I would love to see you there!!!


Brought to you by Jennifer Hanlon’s Vulnerable Leadership Institute
Part 1:  Vulnerability as Strength: Find Out What Real Leaders Already Know (Feb 14)
Part 2:  The Tyranny of Perfectionism (Mar 21)
Part 3:  Creating Shame-Resilient Cultures: High School Adolescents (To be announced)
Part 4:  Is Rocking the Unknown an Oxymoron? (To be announced)
See my Speaking page for more detail and event location

“Vulnerability Gym” – Group Coaching

  • 6 month membership
  • On-line group learning community
  • 90 minute module, once a month (follows speaking series topics)
  • 60 minute group open Q & A call, once a month
  • 1 Personal trainer” vulnerability gym session with a coach
  • Email support

On-Site Group “Vulnerability Gym” Wellness Program

  • 6 month “work-in” plan
  • Bookended Vulnerable Leadership Immersion Retreats-Months 1 and 6, on or off site, 9:00. a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
  • Monthly on-site, “work-in” series:

Month 1: Vulnerable Leadership Immersion Kick-off Retreat
Month 2: Assessing and targeting your organizational V. Q.  (Vulnerability quotient)
Month 3: Dancing with Discomfort: Normalizing discomfort in the workplace and clarifying values
Month 4:  Playing with Polarity:  Vulnerability as a path to transformative integration
Month 5:  Vulnerability, mindfulness and advancing your organizational inner game
Month 6: Vulnerable Leadership Transformation Retreat

Platinum One-on-One “Vulnerability Gym” Coaching Program

  • 6-month minimum coaching intensive
  • Vulnerability Quotient Assessment, debrief and personal planning session
  • Vulnerability Boot Camp half-day retreat up front
  • 3 coaching sessions/month
  • Monthly focus areas: 1) creating your Audacious Vulnerable Leadership (AVL) profile; 2) skills training in dancing with discomfort; 3) practicing polarity; and, 4) advancing your inner game
  • Ending half-day retreat: designing and holding your personal rite of passage