About Jennifer

HeadshotDeclaration of Jenocity

I am an artisan of thoughts, words, feelings and gestures.  I wear a cloak of grace and carry a sword of truth.  I don a shield of self-love, inner authority, self-awareness and inner knowing.

My deepest desire is to share my synthesis and integration work from a lifetime of spiritual, emotional and connection-based human experiences and study.  I thrive on teaching, sharing and inspiring others, particularly around the re-discovery of their long-lost core companions of inner worth, brilliance and beauty.

I practice and encourage mining into our inner warriors and self-compassion for the sake of standing in the integrity of our truth in as many moments as possible.  I thrive on and fight for our deepest understanding around the healing power of that which is vulnerable for us and help us find peace in that place once and for all.

And for me, there is nothing more powerful than a soul who has come home to it’s original essence of pure love.