A Little Vastness Will Do Ya

If there is such a thing, I am a junkie for inspiration.  I look for it in the obvious places, such as books by favorite authors,  talks by favorite or recommended speakers, TedX talks, etc. At other times I look for it in rich conversations with friends or family.  I love when I find it in those moments when I look at my son or daughter and I get that all that matters is that moment, that look, that feeling right then. IMG_0345 I look for it in nature when I treat myself to a nice big dose of beach walking, mountain hiking or listening to “a tree fall in the woods.” Inspiration is contagious and I constantly pray to inspire one more person on the planet each day I get to breathe. I’ve even been so enthralled with inspiration that I’ve eluded my sense of practicality and shaken my fist at God and said “Can’t I just inspire people?  Can’t that be my work? Do I really, in essence, have to ask people to pay me to inspire them?  Can’t I just do it and won’t you just make the rest happen?”  Apparently the answer is yes and I am the last to know, because somehow I am in front of a keyboard with a sufficient layer of adipose, a mini-van, a nice rental home, children I adore and this keyboard, by the way!  Something is happening and I’m guessing it will behoove me to take note of it in case anyone asks how it happens that I can do what I love, pass go and collect, well, enough to keep this keyboard.

Which is not exactly what I wanted to say here today.  There is a link, and that link is that I was inspired by Pema Chodron today.  In her book, Taking the Leap: Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears, she talks about how learning to be in the present moment and especially in the moments of discomfort, “…is a work in progress, a process of uncovering our natural openness, uncovering our natural intelligence and warmth.” I loved hearing that we have a natural openness, intelligence and warmth.  Not artificial, natural. She continues, “I have discovered…that we already have what we need.  The wisdom, the strength, the confidence, the awakened heart and mind are always accessible, here, now, always.  We are just uncovering them.”

And here’s more good news: “We’re not inventing them or importing them from somewhere else. They’re here.  That’s why when we feel caught in the darkness, suddenly the clouds can part.  Out of nowhere we cheer up or relax or experience the vastness of our minds.  No one else gives this to you.  People will support you and help you with teachings and practices…but you yourself experience your unlimited potential.”  Please, sir, may I have some more?

I can lose sight of these truths.  I often forget, and witness others doing the same, my natural capacities and create stories about how I must be instead of looking at the truth of who I in fact am.  I forget about that access I have to my natural heart and wisdom and again, go about the business of making other un-truths up about who I am or need to be or how I need to act or show up.  My natural state of being beckons me.  Probably every moment.  The invitation is there for me, and inviting it is: Jen, cheer up, relax and experience the natural vastness of your mind/body/spirit!  Piece of cake.

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